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Service First Video Training Library

Service First Video Training Library


The World’s #1 Customer Service Training Program


The Service First Video Library can be used by any type of organization to improve customer service because the concepts and vignettes are generic and cover every segment of the marketplace.


Purchase The Service First Video Library and receive:

  • A Facilitator Manual
  • A comprehensive customer service resource filled with instruction guides, exercises, insights, and expertise that guarantees success beyond expectation.
  • Power Point Sessions
  • An easy-to-follow presentation for added visual impact and to enhance learning.
  • Discussion Guides
  • 2 pages per video to help promote group participation through active involvement and guided discussion.
  • Certificate of Accomplishment
  • Printable for each participant upon completion of program.


Each session can be facilitated in 1 hour or less and contains the following:

  • 12 Different Video Learning Sessions
  • 1 Facilitator Manual
  • 12 PowerPoint Session Slides
  • Discussion Guide to accompany each video
  • Answer Keys
  • Certificates of Accomplishment


Benefits of The Service First Video Library include:

  • Train any number of employees with immediate results
  • Pay NO additional cost for future staff – cost is not based on number of users
  • It’s so user friendly you don’t have to invest in experienced facilitators
  • Fresh and relevant video examples
  • A solid foundation for future customer service training
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