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Good Idea Campaign

Good Idea Campaign


The Good Idea Customer Service Culture Campaign focuses on two things only: quality and customer satisfaction.


A 30-day special event encourages everyone to seek out ways to improve their work and eliminate recurring problems facing the company. Beyond providing a dose of much needed energy for existing programs, the Good Idea campaign creates a high level of involvement among employees, fosters a dialogue across the hierarchy and allows for the dispersal of creative ideas. It’s a short campaign that affects your company long term while immediately enhancing morale. More than 3,000 companies have successfully used the Good Idea Campaign. They have used our ideas and strategies to the tune of millions of dollars in savings and improvements.


Whether you have TQM, Quality Circles, or a home-grown suggestion system, sooner or later, your on-going program is going to need a shot-in-the-arm. That isn’t a reflection on your program. It’s just natural, due to the pressures of everyday living, for people to lose sight of activities that are familiar and on-going. Keeping people interested in long-term activities is a challenge. Our campaigns are designed to provide that stimulation. They work because they take a simple goal and put it in a short time frame. They use humor to arouse interest and recognition to encourage participation.

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