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Consulting | Service Culture Development

Service Culture Strategic Plan for Corporate Culture Change

Our clients learn how to improve the performance of their entire workforce so they can develop a culture of delivering superior customer service. This requires commitment, time and some money. Building world-class service and a service culture demand that you keep employees motivated and trained continually.
Invest in your company's asset where you can get the greatest return on your profitability:

your employees.

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Programs for Employees

  • Moving Up: Inspire Employees to Succeed

  • Feelings for Professionals: World's First Customer Service Program

  • Remember Me: Make Customers Feel Important

  • Speed: Do It Fast, Do It Right

  • Feelings for Retail Service: Customer Training for the Retail Frontline

  • Exceptional Service: Customer Service with a Team

  • Loyal for Life: Service Recovery Training

  • Empowering Employees: On-the-Spot Customer Service

  • The Spirit of Excellence: Customer Service for Hospitals

  • Connections: Customer Service for Higher Education

  • The Essence of Caring: For Clinics, HMOs, and Manage Care

  • Healthcare with Feelings

  • Handling Irate Customers

  • Exceptional Service

Programs for Managers

  • Attaining Excellence

  • Attaining Excellence for Government

  • Coaching for Success

  • Leading Empowered Teams

Idea Campaigns

  • BAD (Buck-A-Day) Campaign

  • Good Idea Campaign

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