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Managerial Assessment of Proficiency

Improving Performance While Saving Training Budget

MAP is a video-based, objective assessment of managerial competence. Targeted training based on MAP scores is provided by the Managing to Excel training modules. Participants are provided prioritized development suggestions and a detailed listing of those learning opportunities with the greatest potential impact on managerial
performance. MAP/Excel enables an organization to quickly and accurately identify the key opportunities for training and development, saving time and budget.

Flexible Delivery

The MAP assessment is available in both a classroom and online format. Managing to Excel targeted training modules are available for each competency in customizable, half-day classroom workshops. Organizations have the flexibility and options available to customize training meet internal needs. With MAP and Excel a complete management development system is available that will improve both individual and organizational performance.

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Key Benefits

  • Without buy-in you have nothing! MAP provides superior buy-in by all company stakeholders so that you can rest assured that all your managers have attained basic competency skill levels.

  • Participants buy-in because the MAP assessment videos depict realistic management scenarios.

  • Trainers buy-in because objective MAP data provides information on competence
    unclouded by personal preference and political environment.

  • Management buys-in because aggregate, objective training needs can be calculated and the next step training is designed to close skill gaps, fast.

  • Complete Implementation support available.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Trainer’s Guide provides everything needed to administer the assessment online or in a classroom format, coach participants on their competency results and link-style information with competency scores.

  • Over 100,000 managers assessed. Individuals are compared to a large normative group. Industry-based norms are available for review.

  • The 12 competencies assessed in MAP are directly linked to ½-day training workshops, each focused on a single competency.

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Uses of our Executive Assessments


Personnel Action to provide performance data on key competencies that can help managers to make personnel decisions. 

Succession Planning to identify areas of needed managerial development for an individual to successfully move up to the next level in the organization

Organization Development to profile managerial performance by department, division, function, or other demographics that enable senior managers to strengthen weaker areas of performance. 

TQM and Benchmarking to upgrade the quality of managerial performance against norms for the organization and the industry group to which it belongs.


Training Needs Analysis to determine the training needs of supervisors and managers, thereby enabling the organization to invest time and money in training programs that have the best return on investment.

Team Development to identify the collective strengths and weaknesses of groups of managers who function as a team and develop action plans for team improvement

Evaluation of HRD Efforts to measure the impact of training and management development by using MAP as a pre- and post-training evaluation to assess individual and group improvement. 

Targeted Training to give trainers a profile of individual strengths and development needs so that courses can be offered on a needs basis with participants attending only those modules necessary.




Personal Growth to enable participants to prepare an Individual Development Plan that outlines the competencies selected for improvement, the actions to be taken, and the support requested.

Career Development to assess the competencies and styles/values of employees so that this data can be used as input to discussions and decisions relating to career path alternatives. 

Management Education to equip managers with an in-depth understanding of the 12 competencies that studies have identified as pivotal to the successful performance of managers in any organization. 

Partnership to strengthen the relationship between MAP participants and their managers as partners in their ongoing growth as they commit to implementing the Individual Development Plan. 

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